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We are making our declaration on encounter

You and everyone else and come on, fujis and jins were less. We do not think so. We saw a lot of them too. Like it or not they were less. We just played(guide) better thats all and had more ppl appear. If fuj/jin had the same quantity of ppl when they got 40%,  guan protect wulda went down fast. 30-40 jin/fuj is not a lot in comparison to what our figures were lmao.

We can not consent with u guy, in our opininon they were almost the same that we had. near to the end, we were not so many, we were just defending excellent and a essential factor we had luck with the protects. But that doesn't issue, the essential is everything was proved helpful well and we had 40%   

Errr, your viewpoint is your viewpoint, we are making our declaration on encounter, but w/e Ya, for the most element, we got 40% w/ group connections and beastly defending, so can not claim with u there lol. You can Runescape Gold guide coins here.

As for the Guans we really have nothing against them, but the mind-set towards HSB in game(twelvesky2 guide)was absurd. Guans reduce their rock, element of the strategy as fujin 2nds and 3rds were ready to go in and take guan and nang rock returning. When guans losing rock they log of, go AFK or for some insane purpose made the decision it was more essential to get Y type than help crack fujin 1st protect.

We provide guide for you here. Then a few guans say they don't need partnership, they dnt need nangin and so the partnership was damaged, just maybe the crack in partnership will be for the best, it may make guan and nang recognise that the only way ahead is to actually get their leads down and beat to m33 to become more highly effective.